Invest In Yourself.

Physical Health Coaching

Physical health is strength, movement skill, mobility, normal bone density, good balance, body awareness and the confidence to solve the movement puzzles and physical tasks life and sport throw at us.

You can improve your physical health at any age, learn to manage old orthopedic injuries, optimize the current you and make an investment in the future you.

Physical health coaching is more than personal training. It is expert-guided instruction, specific to your needs. We start with an in-depth evaluation and six sessions to introduce you to the foundations of strength and movement for health. From there, we work together to meet your physical health needs and goals, with training plans structured to meet your schedule and activities.

Athletic Development & Elite Athlete Physical Preparation

The Iron Maven approach to athletic development is based on the philosophy that fundamental movement skills are the foundation for the optimal development of sport specific skills. Athletes start with the basics—squat, lunge, push, pull, rotate, jump, land, accelerate, decelerate—to build a comprehensive general physical foundation.  As the basics are mastered, athletes earn the right to progress to more complex and sport-specific movements.

Programming ---youth, elite or master's level--- takes into consideration the individual’s physiological age, body type, training age and maturity level. The goal is to help the athlete understand that excellence is a process. Small things done well, every day, lead to big changes and mastery of the things that matter.  The result is a mental and physical infrastructure to thrive in sport.

All athletes start with an in-depth evaluation and six sessions to introduce foundational concepts and movements. Once these sessions are complete, a monthly training plan will be designed specific to the athlete's needs.

Physical Therapy

Iron Maven takes a very progressive approach to sport and orthopedic rehabilitation. We specialize in non-surgical, overuse and mild traumatic injuries to the shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle.

Together, we will rebuild your musculoskeletal infrastructure. This is the opportunity to return to function at a higher level than before the injury.

Evaluation, plan of care and all treatment sessions are designed specifically for the needs of each patient. Sessions are one-on-on and the emphasis is on the patient actively participating in the process. All physical therapy services are self-pay and the plan of care will be optimized to make you independent as soon as possible. Payment plans can be tailored to your needs.

Post-Rehab / Return to Sport conditioning

Often times there is a significant gap between the level of function achieved at physical therapy discharge and the capacity necessary to successfully return to sport training and competition. Tracy's experience as both a physical therapist and athletic development coach in the elite sport environment has given her a unique insight into the process of returning an athlete to competition. Through Iron Maven Performance Health, she wants to eliminate this gap and be a resource for athletes returning to any sport, at any level.

Athlete programming is carefully individualized, with specific return to training and competition coordinated with and communicated to coaching staff, parents and any affiliated medical staff.

Be transformational not transactional. When people come to you, they should leave having changed for the better.
— Scott McAfee


I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with Tracy as a national team aerials athlete. Tracy helped my knowledge of and respect for the gym grow, along with my confidence in myself. She guided me and worked with me to personalize my training while I was coming back from injury and as I was preparing for a long competitive season and a shot at the 2018 Olympic team. Our journey together has been one of the most important pieces of my success and growth as an elite athlete.
— Morgan Northrup, national team member, US Ski & Snowboard
Tracy Fober has opened her new facility in Park City, Utah. She is a world-leading practitioner. Organisations and individuals involved in well-being, rehabilitation and performance progression should take note.
— Kelvin Giles, CEO Movement Dynamics, Former Director of Performance - Brisbane Broncos, Head Coach Australian Institute of Sport, UK National T&F Coach
There are many performance coaches for hire, but there are few that are world class. Tracy Fober is a world class athletic development coach who has worked with athletes that span the spectrum from Olympic medalists to serious amateurs like me. Known as Iron Maven - a maven being an expert — Fober has a Park City facility where she shares her expertise. Expect more than just a workout, you will leave with a better understanding of yourself as a human organism. Return repeatedly and expect to become a more robust athlete and person. I’ve worked at all levels of athletics coaching from developmental to professional and as high school athletic director for 25 years, I unequivocally attest that Tracy Fober is one of the best in the field of athletic development.
— Patrick McHugh, Athletic Director & Coach, North Shore Country Day School
I came to see Tracy after several attempts to heal from a frozen shoulder. After meeting regularly, my strength and range of motion has improved beyond what I thought was possible. I know that training can be difficult because I was a professional skier for many years. Tracy’s years of expertise was key to my recovery and my performance has really improved. The bottom line is that Tracy just makes you want to come to rehab.
— Joe Cuglietta, legendary Park City graphics dude and former ski racer
I began working with Tracy to gain an advantage on the volleyball court which would help me land a college scholarship. I gained strength and flexibility that helped me fly high over the competition. Most importantly, however, I learned about movement and the importance of listening to my body throughout the training and competition year. This newly found sense of physical self-awareness differentiated me from other college athletes and fostered a life-long love for the pursuit of health and activity.
— Tommy Beckmann, Division I Vollyeball Athlete
My son began to work with Tracy while he was in a growth spurt early in high school at the recommendation of one of his volleyball coaches. He was very tall and thin and still in the process of developing coordination and “growing into his body.” Tracy worked with him on how to move properly and also how to lift weights using good form. He became much stronger, more agile and more confident on the volleyball court. Tracy has been a mentor and constant source of encouragement and guidance for my son even after she moved out of state to pursue a new opportunity. My son was able to avoid injury throughout most of his volleyball career, which included playing at the NCAA Division I level. I believe he would not be where he is today, both physically and mentally, without Tracy’s assistance and guidance. I am grateful for all she has done for him and for us!
— Sophie Beckmann